New York City Carpet

Roam the streets of the New York City Carpet in your lounge

The New York City(NYC) Carpet is limited to a quantity of only 25. The carpet maps out the southern tip of the Manhattan Island with the surrounding boroughs. Most notably the famous Central Park with its green lawns, tree tops and dams appear on the top side of the carpet. Different pile heights have been incorporated to emphasis the natural and man made areas. The lowest pile heights indicate blue water areas and black streets that run through the city. The medium pile heights indicate the concrete areas such as buildings and paved areas with light green lawns. The tallest pile heights indicate the dark green tree tops that create a canopy for parks.


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The New York City carpet measures 78.74" x 118.11" (2m x 3m) and is made using 100% wool. There are 3 different pile heights within the carpet which gives it a unique dimension. Only 25 of the New York City carpet design will be produced making this a rare item. The carpet weighs 55.11 pounds (25kg) and cleaning instructions are included with the carpet.


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