We have teamed up with the NPO, SALT Projects to better communities in dire need in Cape Town, South Africa. SALT aims to address the inequality and lack of government support in areas where it is much needed. There are 4 projects within SALT aimed at addressing the different needs within these communities. These 4 projects include women/children at risk, education, nutrition and social activism.


Women and Children at Risk

There is a serious lack of social and health services in South Africa. This affects women and children in impoverished communities the most. SALT aims to help these women and children through their program known as Isidima. Isidima makes a difference by providing social and medical support to families in need. Women are also empowered through education and job placements so that they can help themselves.



Less than 50% of South Africa’s children under 5 have access to an early childhood development centre or programme. SALT partners with early childhood development centres and pre-schools in the area. They provide educational support, educator training, resources, facilities and daily meals to students. Zusakhe Educare located in the Dunoon Township has been working with SALT since 2012 and now provides a higher level of education.



Nutrition is a vital support that SALT provides to malnourished communities. They provide feeding programs to schools, clinics, families and also reach out to the elderly who don’t have access to food. SALT distributes 6,000 food parcels a year and 1 food parcel feeds a family of 4 for a week. Several primary schools receive breakfast and lunch parcels which results in more focused learners.  


 Social Activism

SALT encourages everybody to get involved and help those less fortunate than themselves. Once a year they run the campaign, One Day Without Shoes which aims at collecting shoes and distributing those shoes to people who can’t afford shoes. As the name suggests, schools and business are encouraged to experience a day without shoes once a year which also creates awareness.