Progress on the Robben Island Coffee Table

Working With Resin Has Been a Huge Learning Curve

Working with resin is no easy task and many have said that this project would not be possible, including our suppliers of resin. After experimenting with resin for almost a year and half we feel that we have mastered the art of resin. Discolouration, cracks, air bubbles and insufficient curing were just some of the obstacles we had to overcome.

Working On The Prototype

The first prototype came out much better than we thought. Removing the mould was very exciting and more light could infiltrate the resin giving a closer glimpse of the final product. Placing the table in room with more ambient light allowed even more light into the resin creating a mesmerizing look into the depths of the seabed around Robben Island.


What Went Wrong On The Prototype?

Once we removed the table from the mould we had to test the table in various environments to ensure longevity of the table. During these tests we encountered a problem and we did even more smaller scale tests to correct this problem. Once we were able to find the root of the problem and correct it we started on the first table seen below.


Improvements On The New Table

Besides correcting the problem from the prototype we incorporated some major improvements. The most notable improvement we made was the more detailed Robben Island outline with the engraved map. We also created depth under the table in which the table recesses into itself. The legs of the coffee table were also redesigned so that the entire coffee table design looks more consistent.


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