What we do

We are a furniture studio based in Cape Town, South Africa. Our aspiration is to create extraordinary furniture pieces that amazes people. The combination of our eye for design and partnering with professional craftsmen allows us to create pieces that are manufactured with years of expertise. Unlike most furniture designers, our furniture is kept to a very limited quantity which makes each furniture piece rare and special. Our furniture is not just considered art but also serves a functional everyday use.

Ollie polishing the Robben Island Coffee Table – Photographed by @will_doug

If you are interested in our manufacturing process then we welcome you to visit our blog to see what goes into making our extraordinary pieces. Be the first to know about our exciting furniture releases and get invited to all the events by signing up to our newsletter. Our journey can also be followed across social media. We aim to shift the perspective on furniture design.

Where to see our furniture

Our slogan reads, “When furniture becomes art” which is evident with our furniture being exhibited in the prestigious Art@Africa Gallery. Three of our furniture pieces are currently being exhibited there which includes the Robben Island Coffee Table, Cape Town and New York City Carpets. This gallery is located at the Clock Tower Mall in the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town South Africa.

Photo above: The Robben Island Coffee Table exhibited at the Art@ClockTower Gallery.

Opening times of Art@Africa Gallery

Monday to Friday 9am – 7pm

Saturday 9am – 7pm

Sunday and public holidays 9am – 7pm