We’ve recently setup our studio and have partnered with experienced manufacturers to create the extraordinary. Our brand is Shift Perspective and we are tremendously passionate about designing and producing minimalist furniture pieces.

We were recently established in Cape Town in April 2016 and will therefore gradually release more furniture pieces over time. Each furniture piece we produce is unique as they are limited to a small number with each piece being marked with its own number in the series. Aesthetics and form are very important to us, each series that is designed needs to elegant and sophisticated. This unique approach to design sets our furniture apart from anything else out there. We aim to innovate interior living through design that is minimalist, functional and a conversation starter.

Innovation is not enough change for us so we are giving back to charities to make a positive change in the world. A charity is chosen for each furniture series that we feel will make the most difference in its community. In this way we will be able to contribute to a variety of charities in order to reach a larger community rather than just one.